“A-door” your workspace!

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“A-door” your workspace!

If you have ever been to Florida, you would know that storage, in general, is at a premium. No basements, and usually just one level.

Now that I am retired, I need a place to call a “workshop.” So I thought, why not use what my Dad used here in the 80’s? He built all of these gorgeous pine cabinets, but the rest was a blank slate. So, after my husband got delivery on his “handi house” no, he does not live in there,….I was able to spread out and really take over the space in the garage. It is his very own little “man cave” and he loves it!

Here is what my workshop looked like when we first moved in…

Here is what my workshop looks like now……

So basically, I repurposed an old door that we replaced a few weeks ago and placed it on top of the two lower cabinets.

My husband made a bracket at the left end and we drilled the door right onto the bracket and then on to the cabinets which is now my workbench. I purchased pegboard and hooks of all sizes, put it all up, and then began creating my home away from home.

A picture of Dad, an old sign from my mom’s craft shop (Gloria), my painting she brought me back from Paris in 1987, a vintage fan I got at a Garage Sale for $3.00, my sewing machine, my music, and a variety of things I have collected along the way have been sprinkled around for inspiration.

So now, anytime I need to work on anything; from gluing something, to sanding or painting, or sewing a button on one of Mark’s shirts, or patching a hole in my jeans……..out to my workshop I go!

(3 little pony photographs by Anni Hauth)

And if I want to make a mess, I can clean it tomorrow or the day after……..who cares?

I also have room for my ironing board and iron. Just set it up right there and it’s ready to use. Need a beer? Right outside in our second hand “craigslist” refrigerator we got for $180. Need to sand a new cabinet, or paint something? I set up the sawhorses that are right above my head and I can be working on my project in just seconds.

I am obsessed with my new workspace. So much so that I am going to practice painting a faux carpet on my garage floor in the coming weeks, so stayed tuned.

See the two vintage cabinets stacked on top of each other below? I got those at my favorite Thrift shop in Englewood and plan to repurpose them in a fun new color in the very near future.

The sky is really the limit for me…….now that I have a new workshop that I


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