A little goes a long way!

A little goes a long way!

Over the summer, I had a skin reaction that made my face puffy and blotchy.  I am pretty sure that I over-exfoliated while showering.  Ouch!

I went to my favorite Skin Guru, Will, at Bloomingdale’s.  He immediately took one look and walked me over to his friend Cynthia, at the Sisley counter.  She quickly assessed that my face needed Hydration…….and NOW!  She applied a soothing application, sent me home with a few samples, and assured me I would love the product.

She was right,…..I woke up the next day and my blotches were fading fast!

The slight inconvenience?  $210 for a 2.1oz tube.  I went back and purchased the product.


As careful as I was not to use too much, 3 months later my product was leaving me, drop by drop.

Sniff, sniff!

I had heard from my friends at Rodan and Fields*, a skincare line that is also amazing, and one that I happen to be an Executive Consultant for…………that when you get to the bottom of a tube of your beloved product……take a scissors and snip the end as you will surely see more product in the lining of the tube.



That was an understatement!  I quickly got to work, and luckily had my little travel tubes  Keep those fine lines and wrinkles away! *

Let’s see if I can fill up this container……

Well……..that was easy…..with more to spare!

I used a teaspoon to get the product out, filled up the tub, and still had product in the tube. So I packed the tube in a zip lock, and for the next 5 days, used a Q-tip to scoop up a morning application!

How far will I take this?

During the depression, my Grandmother used to make Q-Tips with cotton and a toothpick.

Even worse?  She used to add water to everything, including shampoo.  I will never forget when I got my first bottle of Herbal Essence shampoo back in the 70’s.

So luxurious, so thick and decadent………..

……….but not for long!

Here comes Nonnie! She decided to show me how to save…..sort of like what I did with my Sisley product?     Not so much…..she added water to it,  every time I finished showering.

It took a week or so for me to realize, something was not the same about my magic potion.

Anyhoo……….before you throw away those tubes of shampoo, skin care, or even prescriptions and ointments….snip the end and get a little more for your money.


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