Closet makeover for Barbie!

Closet makeover for Barbie!

Recently, I had the occasion to makeover a closet for a client, here in SW Florida. We chatted over the phone, set a date, and with my garment rack and a few supplies in tow, off I went to meet her.

She was tall, slim, pretty, with a beautiful home, gorgeous decor, a very nice (and handsome husband) and heels the height of Willis Tower in Chicago!

I immediately thought……she looks like Barbie!

Barbie has a beautiful art studio in her home filled with artwork. Her work has overflowed onto almost every wall in the house……….each different, and with a story of its own.

After a long walk ooooohhhhing and ahhhhing at her amazing home and “Pictures with a story”…….I arrived to my destination.

The walk in closet……….Barbie was a bad girl!


5 different hangars, cleaning picked up in 1999, inside out tops (gasp!), hidden gems that hadn’t seen the light of day since Skipper showed up…….and shoes everywhere!

Plus, it was dark. Barbie didn’t know that there was an outlet in her closet. Let there be light!

We all know Barbie loves her shoes!

My new client was more than willing to let go of items that were no longer fitting her, or her lifestyle. But the shoes……not so much. She is a lover of those sky-high heels. Why not? I had a few bags that went on Ebay, and a few that she donated.

After a few hours I arrived home to find a few emails from her. She was soooo excited about her new closet. New lighting, new baskets and new hangars… did I know to purchase PINK ones before I even met her?

She was so thrilled she went out and purchased a $400 chair to use as her throne while admiring her new little boutique.

Hope you like it as much as we do! Thanks Barbie……….for my beautiful painting of my sweet little Maggie,……and for keeping your closet clean one hangar at a time!

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