Easy breezy, 10 steps to an organized closet

Easy breezy, 10 steps to an organized closet

OK…..so now that I am semi retired…..I read magazines like REDBOOK, Women’s Day, Good Housekeeping, Women’s Health….I don’t even know when the transition was made, but suddenly I began receiving these magazines at my door.  Such is life.

I buy old decorating magazines at the Thrift Store now.  Some are just a few months old, but once in a while I will get an Architectural Digest, or Traditional Home from 3 years ago, and  I realize how timeless some decorating can be.

So I was reading a Coastal Living from February of this year (a quarter from the thrift store) and there it was……….in a nutshell, pretty much exactly what I do when I clean a closet for a client.  But it is written so perfectly, that anyone can follow this and in no time, be done!

I suggest making an event out of this, so there were a few tips missing.  Like…….have a bottle of Champagne and some good music…….invite your very best friend (who also wouldn’t be able to fit in the clothes you are discarding).

And most important?  Have fun!


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