Home sweet home – Episode 3 – Need more counter space?

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Home sweet home – Episode 3 – Need more counter space?

About ten years ago, Mark added a counter to our very small kitchen here at the cabin. What I loved about it was the space for his All Clad, and Le Creuset pots.  They were bulky and heavy.

I love our kitchen here (let’s call it cabin sweet), but it does not have all the comforts of easy glide, soft close drawers, Lazy Susan cabinet, or a built-in spice drawer.

So here it is………not bad, and it served a purpose for awhile.  But that garbage can!! Those cords hanging from the coffee pot.  Too much stuff and not enough counter space.



Mark had an idea to make the counter larger.  We shopped around for wood, corian granite, cement, etc.  Expensive!  All we needed was a big flat prep space for Mark to cook.  Any of you that know Mark, know that guy loves to cook!

After spending hours, and thousands potentially, I hopped on Craigslist.  Mark soon joined the party, and we found an awesome table that we snagged for $375.  Mark could just cut it to size, and use it exactly the way we wanted.

So now, we have a much bigger work surface and it is awesome!

Here is the finished surface, with a nice big shelf underneath for all the pots and pans!



A place for everything, and everything in it’s place!  Love the way it blends in with the rest of the kitchen.

Mark hated the stainless, free-standing garbage.  And the step for the lid was broken so that made it even worse, and messy.  He got online and ordered hardware for a custom slide out garbage. He built a box (his answer to all wood projects), added the garbage, and it works like a dream!  Look out Kraftmaid!



Next project, a blackboard/planner for the side of the fridge. It’s getting a bit cluttered over there, don’t you think?  Not very organized for an organizer!   Stay tuned!



Should be a great July 4th bash this year.  Be safe, be happy!

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