Home sweet home……my sanctuary

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Home sweet home……my sanctuary

For the past twelve years, we have been making changes to our cabin. When we purchased it in 2001……well, it was rustic to say the least.

The good news?  It was on the water where the sun set every night. Sold!

What’s not to love about that? Priceless.

So we began the task of planning one big project each year.

Mismatched kitchen appliances, no lighting whatsoever. The floors were several different types of linoleum with asbestos under them! At some point, someone installed laminate in the kitchen…..only, they put the it right over carpeting, and it was lumpy and uneven. The water smelled funky and was yellow, so taking a bath? Oh, that’s right, there was no bath, just a shower.

Hey, Culligan Man!!!!!!

The downstairs area was like a dungeon. It was basically an underground garage to store the boat. But, for the past thirteen years, we did not have a boat.

This past summer, the big project was to separate the open bedroom from the living space. We always used curtains when there was company. How about a door? But that would mean closing the room, and adding walls. NOPE!

I wanted something rustic…..so my husband ordered some barn door hardware, and while I was in Chicago working with a client for a week…….he got to work on my sanctuary.

This was our bedroom before privacy. Adjacent to the couch on the wall directly across. The entire cabin is only about 900 feet. It worked for the past twelve years.

When I came home……..this is what was waiting for me.

After I climbed in bed and closed the doors, I thought…..this is so warm and cozy. I wonder if I could put a TV in here to watch reruns of SNAPPED, and Dateline? Just when Mark thought he finished…..another project!!!! But now, my perfect private sanctuary. This was exactly what I wanted right? But wait, there’s more! I needed to paint it? Varnish it? Distress it?

One thing I knew for sure was that we did not need more varnished wood in our log cabin. Color, that’s it!

I went on Hometalk (a new site that I love), and solicited some feedback…I wanted to paint it the color of my red couch to balance things out. Only one person liked that idea. Why not? I could always change it if we didn’t love it!

And on the inside? I wanted to paint it a light, but bright gray. How about Platinum?

Ahhhh!……peace, quiet, a place to read or watch anything but sports……..Love it!

Now for the outside, the color that would be prominent in the main room.

After much to do about nothing……I pulled the trigger!

That’s it for my bedroom makeover………love it! Finally finished just a few weeks ago.

Then, in this months issue of Coastal Living? Imagine my surprise and delight when I flipped it open to this photo……..Validation……it’s a good thing!

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