Keep, donate or pitch?

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Keep, donate or pitch?

I like to organize………no question.

But after a full 2 days in the car with a trailer in tow filled with “stuff”……..and a cat, a litter box and a dog well, I was just in no mood to deal with the items you see in the pictures above.

In just a few days and a trip or two to Home Depot………the garage is now like having a big storage warehouse….kind of like Sam’s club (not really) and I simply walk a few steps to get just about anything I need.

The key is this……..start with the space… much do you have and what can be utilized for storage?

I decided not to have a garage sale as I wanted instant results and there is a Humane Society Thrift Store right down the street. Here are a few steps I took to make it easy and efficient as I began de-cluttering the garage.

1 – Set up a big garbage bin as well as a recycle bin.

2 – Clean out your trunk or SUV in the back and leave it open near the bins.

3 – If you can’t donate it then pitch it in one of the bins.

4 – If you can donate it then get it in the trunk/back seat or wherever you can to make it your next step once the garage is clean. The key is to get it out of the area for instant results!

5 – Decide what is the best system to allow you to move around in the area even when the vehicle is parked in there. Things need to be accessible. I chose the black shelving units from Home Depot. About $60 apiece. Way worth it as you can adjust and they are very strong. Also, get some “s” hooks and just hang them along the sides for anything.

The garage is the perfect place to work on projects when your vehicle is not in there. So make it a work area and a storage space so you can keep the inside of your home clutter free. Simple and easy……well simple……well, just do it and you will be glad later.

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