Season 1-Episode 1- Home sweet home – Office with a view

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Season 1-Episode 1- Home sweet home – Office with a view

Log cabin life can be interesting, and even an adventure when it comes to decorating and developing a style that will look fresh and current.  For many years, our cabin was a getaway that if we were lucky, we made it 4 times over the summer.

Now things are a bit different.  This is our summer home,  staying 5 months or more……We now live here, so to speak.  At best, we live in 1000 sq. ft of space.  Our largest dwelling was 2300 sq. ft in Chicago.  Needless to say, downsizing has been a full time job for years.

And so begins what used to be, and what is now. Very small things that we have done here and there to make it our own.

Season 1- Episode 1 – Home office Space

My friend Kathleen knows; I am a member of the “I used to be somebody” club. I had a gorgeous spacious office on Michigan Ave with 3 fitting rooms for my appointments.

This is what I had set up for my office here in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.

No more Mr. Big Shot!

My printer sat on top of my old Pepsi cooler.  Along the wall you can see all of the original wiring we had set up.  Electrical at it’s finest.

Time to make some changes!  We searched for weeks to try and find the right fit for our rustic retreat.  IKEA doesn’t exactly cut it up here in the Northwoods.  I knew whatever we selected would be here a good long while, as we have no intentions of letting our little getaway go.

As hard as it was to pull the trigger,($$$) we finally decided to go Pottery Barn style.  I have often found many items in their catalogs. I am thinking that a PB catalog arrives in the mail at least once every too weeks.  Talk about marketing overkill!  But it worked…………. finally, a light bulb came on and Mark and I laid out a perfect plan.

Because we had most of the 12 foot wall to work with, about 8 feet.  We needed a long set up for 2 workspaces. The desktops came in 4ft. panels. Well, that’s a no brainer!  So all we needed to decide was how to meet in the middle with a component that would work for both of us.

Also very important for me, was to be able to incorporate our Amish made Hickory chairs. They are designed for comfort and crafted of gorgeous wood.

Once ordered, our furniture was on a back order for six weeks.  Shoot!  Mark and I are the worst at waiting for stuff.  We want it NOW…….immediate satisfaction. So, I reluctantly placed the order and to our surprise, it arrived within 3 weeks.

Here is our final set up which we are sooooooo happy with.

A place for everything…….


……..and everything in it’s place!

To keep it clutter free, we found wall lamps at Menards for $17 apiece.  I swapped out the standard pleated shades with linen ones (priced higher than the lamps..oops!) and we love them!  I can see in the photos though, I need to tack down the cords so they are straight!  Can’t have that messy look at my desk!

Thanks for watching my first episode of Home sweet home……..see you next week!


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