TV Cabinet No More…..

TV Cabinet No More…..

Did you get one of those big beautiful armoires in the 90’s? I did, I admit it. It was so expensive but I bought it as an investment knowing that I would have it forever. But then along came flat screen TVs. My armoire was a big square box…….my new TV? Long and lean and sleek and gorgeous. What now? Maybe I can just shut the doors and move it over in a corner.

Then I got this idea when I saw a photo of a closet redo in a bedroom turned into a cute little office.

Light bulb goes on and I say to my husband (he’s handy with a  drill and wood)

honey? …. you think you could turn this armoire into a little computer stand?

And so it goes……….

First just build the box that will go inside the cabinet.

<pstyle=”text-align: center;”>Then remove the hardware in the cabinet that used to hold the tv.  It even pulled out and swiveled! Wow!  See how the flat screen just doesn’t quite fit in the old cabinet?

Then add the old hardware and sliding panel to the new spot in the cabinet for the keyboard

……Voila! You have a very nice and very neat way of using the old cabinet and can feel great when you shut the doors and put the computer away!   Hope you enjoyed the re-use of your old armoire!

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