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My clients are people I connect with and stay in touch with regularly. Whether a whole home re-do or a linen closet disaster. I will offer ideas and immediate assistance to ensure that you feel confident and can easily work within your budget.

If you are getting ready to sell your home, I can help. You can hire me as a personal assistant to sell your home.

As a Realtor, I offer Organization, Reinvention and Home Staging service in Florida, USA at absolutely no charge with your home’s listing.  Once listed, you can take a deep breath and leave the rest to me. You will find me as the best realtor to find you a home in Florida.

Once you become my client, you’ll be just a text message, or email away from the answers you are seeking.

Want to shop in your closet? Let’s chat before we get started. Feel free to call, email, or book an appointment with me. If you have any questions, big or small, You can get in touch via email, photos and virtual guidance.

Call or TEXT 312-315-1735 Or book an appointment with me through my scheduler here: Appointments

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Looking for a creative home staging expert in Florida in order to Sell your house?  Making small changes with items you already have in your home, can tremendously increase your Resale value. Being a home décor professional, I love bringing an attractive and a fresh feel to a space, by adding something as simple as a rug or throw pillows, and when you list your home with me, all of the above services are FREE!  You will be amazed at the forgotten treasures that we will re-use, and re-purpose as we transform your humble abode. So, hurry-up and hire the best home staging company in Florida.

And by the way, I can also put that house on the market, get you top dollar, and provide all my services for FREE with a listing agreement. So, if you need to hire realtor to list your home for re-sale in Florida, contact me at or schedule your FREE one-hour consultation by clicking here: Appointments 


Let’s spend a day together and streamline your home to a “more simplified” style for every day. In short order, I will help you organize existing items efficiently. If you are already looking for a home reinvent expert in Florida, we are available to “reinvent” items throughout your home to give them a new purpose and style. At that time, we will identify areas that need some love with a few additions, such as a lamp to warm up the room, or a rug to bring items together. Tight budget? I will find gently used items for your home that will make the transformation seamless!

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In times of loss, downsizing, or moving on to a smaller space, maybe uncomfortable and sad. We can tackle those organizational projects that can sometimes overwhelm us, I consider myself as the best creative organization expert in Florida for any such project. We will help you let go of sentimental items that may wind up collecting dust later on. Together, we will determine what will sell, and bring in top dollar.

e-bay SALES and Facebook Marketplace

I have been selling on eBay for over 15 years and have an excellent seller record additionally on Facebook Marketplace.
Let me get you CASH for those pieces you no longer want or need

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Look at me as your lifestylist! You can consider me as a professional home stylist for hire in Florida as I am the ultimate taskmaster.

In order to hire a trusted home concierge in Florida, Call now for a chat or in-home estimate!   Or book your FREE consultation with me now by clicking here: Appointments 

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Closet Consult

Let's talk about your style

Do you have a closet full of clothes yet nothing to wear? Are you…?

  • Dating?
  • A new mom?
  • Retired and busier than ever?
  • Experiencing weight gain or loss? **
  • Feeling frumpy and overwhelmed by your closet?
  • Spending too much time and money trying to get dressed for the look you want?

You may already have the perfect pieces you need, hidden away in your closet

As a long-time Personal Shopper, I will show you how to maximize the clothes you have, and teach you how to shop to fill in the gaps.  We will eliminate, or re-invent as we go through, piece by

The Evaluation

Simply submit pictures of each closet, drawers, etc., and text or email them to me for an initial evaluation. Not tech-savvy? I’ll do a preliminary FREE in-home evaluation, which takes about an hour. Book an Appointment NOW

The Edit

For the client who simply needs an organizational jump-start and fashion-forward inspiration to facilitate easy dressing every day.

First, we remove all items for review and place them on a garment rack. Then we discuss:

  • Styles that work best for your body shape, The proper fit & Colors, and fabrics that will make you look your best

After the wardrobe edit and organization are complete, everything is left in perfect order.  I will make navigating your new and improved closet a piece of cake. Together we will put outfits with your items, right there in your closet!


After the EVALUATION and THE EDIT, a list of basic items will be provided. As simple as updating t-shirts, to adding must-haves such as sweaters, the perfect handbag, shoes, and accessories that complete your special look.

If the look you dream of isn’t already in your closet, I will work with your budget to bring in items that you can build upon.


Let me do it for you quickly and precisely. While shopping for my clients I always keep their lifestyle in mind, making sure that each look can translate, from a day of golf to dinner and a show.

As a longtime SHOP GIRL, I am wise to the best prices, events, and sales.  I’ll bring along all promotional coupons, sale flyers, etc. available for you to maximize your purchase power and wardrobe. I will always respect your unique style and budget.